DSC 0168St.Gilgen – home to the grandfather of Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart.

Even though Mozart himself was never here, there will be an eternal connection to this village, because of the Mozart family history.

Mozarts mother, Anna Maria Walburga Pertl was born on December the 25th 1720. Her father, Wolfgang Nikolaus Pertl (1667-1724) was a judicial officer in St.Gilgen and built this house (MozartHaus) in 1719/20.

The sister of Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart, Maria Anna Ignatia otherwise known as ´Nannerl` married Baron Johann Baptist von DSC 0296Berchtold zu Sonnenburg , and lived in this house until 1801.

A sculpture was placed outside the house, in 1906 by Mozarts mother and his sister ´Nannerl`. The Nannerl Mozart exhibition and slide-show is well worth a visit. The exhibition is self-explanatory with descriptions in German and English.

The Mozart fountain, shows a young Mozart playing violin. The fountain originating from 1926, is the work of Viennese Prof.Karl Wollek.