wandern1Just one hiking holiday with us at Hotel Falkensteiner, would not be enough to cover all hiking trails at Lake Wolfgang.

The hiking trails here at Lake Wolfgang, are as versatile as the surrounding Landscape.

Weather you prefer a gentle stroll at Lake Wolfgang, or a more energetic treak through woodland, or a summit hike, the accurately marked hiking trails offer something for everyone.

Planning your hike could not be easier, just download our free Hiking map, to have an overview of all hiking paths at Lake Wolfgang.


Download: Hiking map Wolfgangsee

Our Recommendations: Hiking Trail St.Gilgen

Panorama path (1-1 ½ hours, suitable for strollers)
Travel by cable car up the Zwölferhorn mountain, from Berggasthof follow the trail around the Pillstein.

Zwölferhorn (2 ½ hours) No.855: Sturdy footwear necessary!
There are two options: you can go via the Weisswand to Sausteigalm or a less challenging hike is from the Sausteigalm, following the path to the right to Stubneralm and Arnikahutte to the Zwölferhorn.

Around the village (2 ½ hours)
Footpath via Laim, Pöllach down towards the lake.

Widinger weg (1-1 ½ hours) Starting from Motzartplatz, over the Salzburgerstrasse, right under the mainroad and through to Eisenstrasse. Continue to the Mühlradl pub and cross over at the mainroad, take a right through the Widindger Hözel to Widingerbauern and continue to Reitnergut.

Gamswandweg (2 ½ hours)
Starting from St.Gilgen follow along the lake to Lueg, continue to Franzosenschanze, take a right over the main road, here is the start of the trail via Gamswandalm to Weisswand.

Circular path, St.Gilgens sunny side (3 hours)Start at Mozartplatz ,go right following along the Salzburgerstrasse. Cross at the main road, following the direction of Mondsee. Take a left onto the footpath leading you through the forest, until you reach Güterweg Obenau, Over the small bridge through to Lichtung until the entrance of Steinklüfte. Follow the direction for Buchberg, Winkl, Fürberg, Brunnwinkl.

Kühleitweg and Langriedl (2 hours) No.845
Via Laim, at the forest edge you will find the steep path to Kühleiten. Continue left via Langriedlweg to Sausteigalm.

Motzartsteig – Fuschl am see (2 1/2 hours)
Starting at Motzartplatz. Pfarrgasse, pedestrian lights to the Hochreithstrasse, until Weggabelung, right to the village Laim to Weggabelung, turn left, at the hause “Kochgütl” keep to the right until the forest edge, “Annenquelle”. Through the forest until Mozartblick. After a short way, you reach the vally of Ellmau, Gasthof Hochlacken (755m). A road leads from here descending to the bottom of the valley of Ellmau leading to Fuschl am see. Ride with the bus back to St.Gilgen.

Eibenseeweg (2 ½ - 3 hours) Starting at Mozartplatz, go over the road (Steinklüftstrasse) towards Pöllach then continue to Reitnergut. The forest trail begins just to the left of the old farm, leading to Eibensee.

Almkogelweg (2 ½ hours) – Sturdy footwear is necessary! Starting from Mozartplatz, Steinklüftstrasse, cross the Mondsee – mainroad to Plomberghof, continue in the Obenau. Approximately 300m after the farm, take a left to the path leading to Almkogel.

Zeppetzauweg (1-1/2 hours)
Before the Krottensee in Winkel take a left at the Gasthaus Batzenhäusl.

Plombergsteinweg (1-2 hours)
Starting at Mozartplatz, cross the Mondsee-road and continue to the plombergerhof. Go past Steinklüften and keep right to Plombergstein.

Schafberg (4 hours) – Sturdy footwear essential!
Starting from St.Gilgen, take the route via the main road (Mondsee) to Brunnwinkl along the lake shore via Fürberg to Winkl, or follow along the main road to Winkl. Walk through the village of Winkl until you reach the last house at the forest edge, this is your starting point to your accent up to the Schafbergalm.

Via Fürberg to Falkenstein and Ried (3 hours)
Starting at Mozartplatz, head to Fürberg. From Fürberg gasthof continue in the direction Seebucht. The left turning takes you past Kreuzwegstationen. Straight ahead and up a slight incline to Sattelhöhe, the other side of the Falkensteins, leads to a descending path. Exit the forest, to Ried. If you wish not to walk along side the main road, you may follow the “Riedersteg”, Back to St.Wolfgang. ATTENTION! Just before the forest edge is a left turn onto a narrow path “Tafel Riedersteig”. This path leads to Hupfmühle, over the Kalvarianberg to St.Wolfgang. Travel back to St.Gilgen either by bus or by ship.

GschmaplatzlGschmå Platzln

When all is well we say in Salzkammergut „Gschmå“. This special phrase „Gschmå“, meaning Cosy, beautiful, entertaining, comfortable – is unique to the Salzkammergut.
Located right on the doorstep are several „Gschmå-Platzl”, locations. Places of relaxation in some of the most beautiful villages.


Gschma PlatzlThe Margarethen-Höhe at the Steigermahdl

Um Around 1890 the summit of this high cliff was declared by the St.Gilgen Verschönerungsverein, a local society, as the most beautiful observation point in the area. Many of the summer visitors at that time were members of the society, which they supported with generous donations. A familiy from Vienna, the publisher Goldschmidt who owned the villa at Hochreitstrasse 12, paid for a small hut to be built at the summit. As a gesture of gratitude the name of one of the family members was incorporated into the name of the observation place, which became known as the MARGARETHEN-HÖHE .
In hiking guides from that time recommendations can be found to take the path „via Steigermahdl to the Margarethen-Höhe". The name "Steigermahdl" comes from "steile Mahd" (steep mowing), once a field or meadow area at the base of the Weißwand cliff. In January 2007 the hut was blown down by hurricane „Kyrill“. In 2016 a new hut was erected at MARGARETHEN-HÖHE following the initiative of local businesses and various private donations..


A beauty spot with wonderful views, a special place of inspiration for the poet Victor von Scheffel (1826 – 1886). Here you will find a memorial plaque, in memory of Victor von Scheffel.


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